Hsing-Hung Yeh 🇹🇼 葉星宏

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我是葉星宏,來自臺灣 🇹🇼,哇係逮丸郎!

I am from Taiwan 🇹🇼 Currently, I am studying at Durham University in the UK as an exchange student. I am interested in neurolinguistics and using ERPs to shed light on how our brain processes languages.

I will finish my undergraduate study of English this academic year, and start pursuing a master's degree in linguistics at National Taiwan Normal University . My research topic is to pinpoint Taiwanese Mandarin speakers' mental representation of contact-induced vowel nasalization (with Taiwanese Hokkien) via an ERPs experiment, and account for the phenomenon from a sociolinguistic point of view.

I love everything about aviation ✈️ and my life goal is to earn my place in a cadet pilot program and work for an airlines company in Taiwan.

In my spare time, I love binge-watching YouTube videos and blogging my life. Every now and then, I also publish vlogs on my YouTube Channel.

Btw 👻 this website is under construction. I just started learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript. I develop the site to practice. Something I am quite proud of is I actually built my own responsive navigation bar, if you've noticed. I firstly went to Bootstrap to note down the mechanism of it, and then I spent hours and hours creating mine without using Bootstrap templates!

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Photographed in University College (Castle), Durham University, UK, Feb, 2024.
Photo Credit: Shoaib Islam.

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